Bay to Baker
Brett Baunton Photography


My passion is to hike into remote wild places and capture the light as it plays across the landscape.
Photography encourages me to slow down, look and see details of our world in a new perspective from grand to miniature.
I search out scenes that speak of the splendor and fragile state of nature. I focus on colors, patterns, textures and light.
The things that inspire me most are a break of sunlight between mountain storms, an alpine rigeline with wildflowers,
the changing of fall colors and alpenglow on a glacier after a special sunset.
What one captures in a photograph is a unique moment in time.

A lucky person can only witness this glory by spending countless days and nights in the backcountry wilderness searching for the ultimate viewpoint. Lots of sweat, some blood and even some tears have been shed in pusuit of this this challenge. It has made my life much richer and more peaceful.

Ultimately I want my images to allow others to see and feel the peace, exhilaration and wonder that I enjoy when out in the wilderness around the magical Mt. Baker - North Cascades area. I hope by sharing my images of this area that you will love and respect the beauty here and help protect these lands and waters for generations by keeping this special place wild.